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Spiritual Sharabi 
by Stuee Singh

New North Indian Rapper "Stuee Singh" launches his first wave of Singles


Stuee Singh is a North Indian Rapper and Hip Hop Artist who is a maverick with his unique style. Having lived 6 years in Copenhagen, Denmark, his standard of music is impeccable. Born in Bangkok, he raps in English, Punjabi, Hindi, Danish and Thai. Stuee’s full name, Harcharan Singh Thakral means, 'With God's Blessing'. His rap inspiration comes from the Sikh holy scripture and the biggest hip hop artists of our time.

He composes, produces and raps, bringing to the global stage North Indian and Sikh culture with rare classical instruments, melodies and chords originally composed with the coolest, most current style of Pop and Hip Hop.

Stuee has been hearing original beats and rhymes in his mind since he was a little boy. He explored making music at the age of 17 by learning music production. Finally, 20 years after a successful global corporate career and as an entrepreneur in the media sphere. He has now discovered his true self and started pursuing his truest passion. Rapping and making music.

His rhymes are thought provoking, leadership inspiring and brimming with positive vibes that is not common in pop hip hop music today.

Along with representing the new age modern Sikh, and showing the world the modern interpretation of his culture. He aims to change the game of mainstream hip hop by adding spiritual aspects and highly positive vibes through his songs.

Stuee Singh is born on 21st Sept, also the date he launched his first Single.

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